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Mechan Controls Plc are a British designer and manufacturer of non contact safety switches for machine guards. Mechan produced its first electronic safety switch in 1972, since which time, it has developed an enviable reputation as the industry leader. Today, tens of thousands of applications worldwide attest to the outstanding reliability of Mechan safety switch and safety interlock systems.

Mechan Controls is now a group of engineering companies designing and manufacturing bespoke products from specialist markets. Originally quoted in 2004 on the PLUS/OFEX London stock exchange, Mechan is now quoted on the ICAP securities & derivatives exchange.


CODEX Switch Monitoring Systems

CODEX is a multi-gate safety switch monitoring system. Easy to install and expand, it can be used to monitor up to 30 gates with one control unit.

Mechan CODEX V2


The DIN rail mounting safety control unit can monitor up to 30 Mechan safety switches and/or emergency stop buttons in one system. The electronic non-contact safety switches are fully encapsulated, easy to install and tolerant to misalignment.


ISIS Tamper-Proof Safety System

The ISIS safety system is a tamper resistant non-contact safety switch system, suitable for use in most types of machine guarding applications where guard locking is not required.

Mechan ISIS

MAGNASAFE Safety Switches

The Mechan Magnasafe switches are magnetically operated safety switches. Easy to install and maintain, the Magnasafe switches are fully encapsulated non-contact switches ideal for long term for use in harsh / wet environments.


MPX Control Units

Mechan safety control units have been monitoring 1000’s of Mechan electronic safety switches of over 40 years. Proving to be safe, reliable and easy to install, the MPX range is a cost effective way to continuously monitor all your safety switches.

Mechan MPX

S-SERIES Standalone Safety Switches

The S-Type are electronically operated safety switches. Based on Mechan’s unique frequency operated switching system the S-Type safety switches provide a more secure, standalone, non-contact safety switch. The precise switching ensures reliable operation and indication on the switch makes identification of guard status easy for the operator.

Mechan S-Series Switches


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