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ASCO Numatics at Pneutrol Express

The Entire ASCO Express catalogue

Fast Delivery times.  Great prices.  All Available at Pneutrol Express!


ASCO Numatics Pneumatic Accessories

Including replacement coils, quick exhaust valves, non-return valves, shuttle valves, banjo flow regulators, pressure switches and much more!

Air Preparation Equipment

ASCO Numatics Air Service Equipment

All the critical components required for keep your air line working as it should.  From isolation valves and shut off valves, to Filter / Regulator and Lubricator (FRL) systems and accessories, we have everything you need!


Pneumatic Cylinders

ASCO Numatics Air Cylinders

We sell all different kinds of air cylinder here at Pneutrol Express.   Compact double acting cylinders, Cylinders with Profiled Barrel / Tie Rods, Guide Cylinders, Round Cylinders, Short Stroke Cylinders, position detectors / reed switches and a whole host of ISO 15552 Standardised Mountings to suit.

If you need something to a bespoke / custom size that you can’t find on the site.  We will be able to help.  Please contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist!



ASCO Motorised / Pressure Operated Valves

Series 290 2/2 Motorised Valves

Series E290 2/2 Pressured Operated, Angle Seat Valves

ASCO Pilot Valves

Everything from ASCO Series 189, Series 190 and Series 192 to pilot a vast array of valves in a whole plethora of different industrial settings.

ASCO Proportional Valves

ASCO’s sophisticated proportional valves have been setting new benchmarks and unveiling new possibilities in industrial settings for years.  The Pulstronic II, Sentronic D and Sentronic Plus are at the cornerstone of this.  In addition, we will soon be adding the exciting new ‘Sentronic HD‘ range to Pneutrol Express.

ASCO Solenoid Valves 2/2 – 3/2

We have a wide selection of critical solenoid valves available including the following popular ranges:

ASCO Solenoid Valves 3/2 and Spool Valves 5/2 – 5/3

With a long service life of around 30 million cycles, ASCO Series 551 spool valves are used the world over.  It’s a compact, reliable product at a fantastically low price.  Easy to understand why these are amongst our best selling products!

We also keep a good range of 3/2 direct operated solenoid valves in brass and stainless steel.  The most common are ASCO Series 356, Series 314 and Series 370.    Easy to operate, come with manual operator.    A great service life at a great price.  These valves are even robust enough for outdoor applications.  Ideal for any application.

ASCO Spool Valves

We have every type of spool valve imaginable here at Pneutrol Express:

Sirai Valves

The reliability and strength of Sirai solenoid valves make them the ideal solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. particularly suitable for the control of water, air, inert gases, steam and non-aggressive fluids. We cover the entire range of Sirai Valves and coils, especially the most popular:

If you need something and can’t find it on our website, please do not hesitate to Contact us today!  We’re happy to help!