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Adam Equipment - The Right Balance

Over a period of 40 years, Adam Equipment has supplied the world with balances and scales of the utmost quality.

With offices in almost every corner of the globe, the company has continued down their path of developing and manufacturing balances and scales with 3 key benefits:


Adam caters for the laboratory, educational, industrial, food production, health / fitness, animal / veterinary and jewellery sectors among many others.

See to view our diverse range of balances and scales.  All on a special introductory offer, only at Pneutrol Express!:

Bench & Floor Scales

ABK Bench & Floor Scales, AFK Bench & Floor Scales, CBC Bench Counting Scales, CBC and CBC M (EC Approved) Bench Counting Scales and many many more!

Coin Counting Scales

CCEU Counting Scales

Compact Scales

CB Compact Scales, Core Compact Portable Balances, CPWPLUS Weighing Scales, Dune Compact Portable Balances, Highland Portable Balances, WBW and WBW M (EC Approved) Wash Down Scales

Hanging Scales

IHS / LHS / SHS Crane Scales

Health & Fitness Scales

Fantastic products such as the MXB scale for weighing new born infants, to the PTM Wheelchair Platform scale and the MDW series of Person Scales.  Great products to weigh people in various conditions at all stages of life!


Great solutions to display the results of your weighing activities.

Low Profile Pallet Weighing Beams

Ideal for drums and wheel chairs as well as the conventional pallet.

Mechanical Balances

The TBB Triple Beam Balances are low cost mechanical solutions which meet the requirements for the highly precise demands of laboratory, industrial and educational applications, whilst still having a great reliability and robust nature.

Moisture Analysers

The PMB Moisture Analyser is ideal for a wide plethora of applications.  Clever automatic testing capabilities enable multiple tests to be run quickly without additional user input.  Built in memory stores test results and products for future reference.  This product is the ultimate in moisture analysis.

Pallet Truck Scales

Measure the weight of pallets as they are moved from one place to another.  In the warehouse, on the shop floor, or the shipping department.  Anywhere!  Adam Equipment’s PTS Pallet Truck Scale is perfect.  It’s a convenient solution for accurate measurements on the move!

Platform Scales

There are a wide range of platform scales available from Adam Equipment.  With a broad spectrum in terms of both sizing and functionality, you’re sure to find something to meet your requirements.

Precision Balances

For field work, laboratory environments and numerous industrial applications.

Retail Scales

Scales for retail environments.  Equating pricing with weight and numerous other functions. We have everything you need for the retail arena.

Vet Scales

From weighing tiny creatures, right up to the largest of animals, Adam Equipment will have a scale to suit.  Not just that, but we also have smaller balances and scales for medicinal dosing and other veterinarian applications.

Wash Down Scales

Ideal for circumstances of food preperation, veterinary or medical circumstances where wash down is a frequent necessary requirement.  Adam have the scale to suit!